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Kice Industries Launches New Air Power Unit


Kice Industries has designed a new air power unit featuring enhanced noise control and a smaller footprint. The updated APU has been branded CompQ, a name inspired by its compact design and quiet performance.


Kice Industries unveils newer, quieter blower package for processing plants.

Taking up less floor space than Kice’s standard APU, the CompQ fits inside an enclosure that reduces noise output by 20 decibels.

“Noise control is an issue for many of the types of manufacturers we serve,” said Drew Kice, President and CEO. “With the CompQ, we saw an opportunity to make a great product even greater and more conducive to workplace safety. We continually innovate to deliver the best operational experience around.”

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hearing loss affects thousands of workers annually. In 2021, OSHA developed enforcement strategies to address noise hazards in manufacturing and processing facilities, including those that handle minerals, plastics and wood products. Kice Air Systems, a division of Kice Industries, specializes in pneumatic conveying equipment that uses air to move dry bulk materials. The CompQ is the latest addition to the air systems product line.

“On top of the noise-control feature, the CompQ delivers industry-leading efficiency, durability and quality,” said Kice. “It’s like our previous design in that regard, but in a quieter, smaller package.”

The CompQ features Kice’s heavy-duty positive displacement blowers, which are made to perform in extreme dry-running conditions. Developed more than 25 years ago, the PD blowers have been proven in thousands of applications worldwide.

Kice plans to introduce more options for the CompQ, including a built-in 4-inch automation display and an external oil level indicator.


About Kice Industries

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